A way for experienced climbers to participate in many of the Mountaineer's climbing activities.

Currently Scheduled Equivalency Evaluations  Leader permission required. See details below.

Intermediate Climbing Equivalency is informally handled by the Climbing Leadership subcommittee.

Alpine Scrambling Equivalency is handled by the Scramble Committee.

Crag Equivalency is informally handled by the  Crag subcommittee at this time. A more structured Equivalency process is being developed.

Basic Equivalency Details
Basic Equivalence  is an opportunity for experienced climbers who have not taken the Mountaineers Basic Climbing Course to become eligible to participate in many of the club's climbing activities, including Basic Climbs, Climbing Seminars, and the Intermediate Climbing Course. Basic Climbing Course graduates and Basic Climbing Equivalents are also qualified to participate in Alpine Scrambles, Snowshoe Tours, and Hikes.

Climbers interested in obtaining Basic Equivalency must first send in an climbing resume. The application is reviewed and eligible applicants are invited to attend the Basic Equivalency Field Trip. At the field trip, the climber's skills are reviewed. Basic Equivalency is granted if the field trip is completed successfully, MOFA/WFA (wilderness first aid) is current, and our Navigation requirement has been completed.

How to Apply
Please email , to discuss your experience and see if you qualify. If you have the qualifying experience, you will be invited to attend the Basic Equivalency Field Trip. At the field trip, you will be asked to demonstrate that your climbing skills are equivalent to those expected of a graduate of the Basic Climbing Course. These climbing skills include belay techniques, rope handling, knots, mountain safety, crevasse rescue systems, navigation, ice axe arrest, rock climbing and rappelling.

If you are invited to the Basic Equivalency Field Trip, you may register online or by calling the clubhouse at (206) 521-6001 and pay the field trip fee.

Basic Equivalency Status is granted to candidates who:

  • Are current members of the Mountaineers
  • Have significant, recent climbing experience with both glacier and alpine rock climbs (you should have reached the summits on multiple glacier climbs and multiple alpine rock climbs),
  • Are invited to attend and successfully complete the Basic Equivalency Field Trip, demonstrating climbing skills equivalent to those taught in the Basic Climbing Course,
  • Have a current MOFA/WFA card,
  • Have a current Navigation card, and
  • Have demonstrated (or been waived) practical snow skills.

Basic Equivalency is not available to Basic Climbing Course Students who were enrolled in the previous season's course but failed to complete the course requirements. However, climbers who were enrolled in the Basic Climbing Course in prior years and have additional, adequate climbing experience with or outside of the club are eligible to apply.