Why Apply

Why Apply

Why apply for Intense Basic Alpine Climbing?
Are you a climber?

This course will be a great experience for you if you identify with any one of these motivations:

  • You've climbed with a guide but want to learn the skills to climb with an unguided party, saving you money over the long run.
  • You've climbed indoors and you want to learn how to become an outdoor climber.
  • You've hiked and backpacked but never climbed, and you're eager to leave the beaten path.
  • You want to transition from sport climbing, bouldering, or top rope to alpine and trad climbing.
  • You want to learn to climb glacier and snow covered mountains.
  • You like mental and physical challenges.
  • You don't have the time available to take the full six month Basic Alpine Climbing Course.

Volunteers with a passion for climbing

The Mountaineers is neither a guide service nor a commercial gym. We are climbing veterans who volunteer because of our love for the sport. Instructing this class isn’t our job—it’s our passion. If you take the course and love what you learned, we encourage you to come back and bestow your new knowledge on future Intense Basic climbing students!

The student’s experience

If you’re a self–starting learner who is ready to take responsibility for your learning experience and become self sufficient in the mountains, then you are right for the Mountaineers. And if you have aspirations of surviving and thriving season after season in the high alpine environment–then the Mountaineers is right for you.