Basic FT #7 - Crevasse Rescue - More Information

Basic FT #7 - Crevasse Rescue - More Information

Additional information for Seattle Basic Alpine Climbing Field Trip 7

FT7 Crevasse Rescue Evaluation

This FT is an evaluation; you will not be taught these techniques at the FT.  You will be expected to demonstrate the technique without prompting or assistance from the instructor.

Prerequisites:  Completion of field trip FT6 SIG Snow, or equivalent z-pulley training.

Preparation:   Read chapter 17 in Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills (MFotH), 8th Edition, covering glacier travel and crevasse rescue.  Practice setting up the Z-pulley from both end person and middle person positions.  

Equipment:     Be sure to bring all the gear listed below. Mark your equipment so that you will be able to identify it when it gets mixed in with other gear.

    • Helmet
    • Harness
  • 1 large, locking pear-shaped carabiner ("HMS" or "Pearabiner")
  • Ice axe
  • Rescue pulley
  • 6 non-locking carabiners
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • 3 single and 2 double runners
  • Prusik loops (two piece set)
  • Hero loop
  • Chest harness (made of webbing)
  • Backpack
  • Mountaineering  boots 
  • Clothing suitable for being outside for several hours and lying on the ground


Z-Pulley Evaluation:  

Students will be divided into teams of 3 or more.  You will tie into the rope as if on a glacier climb.  You will rotate positions on the rope demonstrating proficiency with Z-pulley setup at the end and middle positions.  Scenarios must be completed in less than 30 minutes.  Z-pulley technique should be demonstrated as shown here: