Canyoning Volunteer Course Subsidy Application

Application for volunteers who want to help create a Mountaineers canyoning program.

Waterfall Canyoning is a sport that has seen recent growth in the PNW. Canyoneering has been a popular sport in the Desert Southwest for decades, and while many skills are transferable, canyoning in whitewater conditions requires a unique skill set. Other than an annual canyoning course offered by The Mazamas, opportunities to learn canyoning are few and far in between in the PNW. The Mountaineers is partnering with Andrew Humphreys, an international canyon guide, to offer an 8-day course to jump start the skills and experience of Mountaineers members. The course fee is $1,000 per student, and the dates are August 22-28.

Our hope is to offer this course in the Seattle branch in 2018 and 2019, with informal opportunities for graduates to gain experience in PNW canyons. We hope to offer a more advanced, professionally-led course in 2019 and 2020 to develop a core group of leaders who can write minimum standards.

We have the ability to invest $1000 in subsidy to divide among 2-4 participants in the course who are willing to commit time to help develop a canyoning program at The Mountaineers, starting at the Seattle Branch. 

  • If 2 qualified Mountaineers Volunteers apply, they will each receive a $500 subsidy.
  • If 3 qualified Mountaineers Volunteers apply, they will each receive a $350 subsidy
  • If 4 qualified Mountaineers Volunteers apply, they will each receive a $250 subsidy
  • If more than 4 qualified Mountaineers Volunteers apply, 4 will be drawn at random and each of those 4 will receive a $250 subsidy.


  • Basic Climbing graduate, Intermediate students/graduates and Climb Leaders preferred
  • Proven commitment to The Mountaineers through frequent, recent volunteerism
  • Comfort in river environments, ability to swim 50m
  • Ability/willingness to commit to developing a Seattle-based program (note that members of all branches are invited to apply, but it is most practical to start a program in a branch with facilities to support it)
  • Ability/willingness to commit to at least 6 PNW canyon descents between 2018-2019 to gain experience, and to pursue advanced training when possible.


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