Meany Ski Hut - Lower Slobbovia

Meany Ski Hut - Lower Slobbovia



Lower Slobbovia is situated 100 yards south of Meany Lane and runs roughly parallel to it. The inhabitants are seasonal. During good snow years they may be heard to utter, "Ha! Gung skiink," and during lesser snow years, "Gung skiink ? Ha !" Bonneville still considers the area primarily as a power line and is apparently oblivious to the more important resources, the superb ski slopes and an unusual stand of hemlock.

The hemlock comprises the last remaining bit of Slobboviana wilderness and this to migh have been lost to furture generations but for the vigilance of the The Lower Slobbovian Bird Watching Society. They were in a position to observe the immediate dangers to the timber from irresponsible dogs and skiers. But pressure from outside interests finally induced the Society to take drastic action to protect the area.

Thus, all interested parties were invited to a Meeting at Meany Ski Hut this past winter to determine the best course of action. Fantastic projects were disclosed by lumber and power representatives, by Bureau of Reclamation and Army Engineers. They ranged from selective logging proposals to plans to completely inundate the area. Bird watching forces rallied to the cause, however, and sentiment for creating a wilderness ara ran high among Lower Slobbovians. Senator Jack S. Phogbound pledged his support in helping create Lower Slobbovia National Park.

The following day, the entire population turned out in a drenching rain to witness the stirring dedication ceremonyof the Park. The strains of the Lower Slobbovian National Anthem, "I think that I shall never see a tree." as played by the Snarvish-board Band, were particularly appropriate. And so another bit of original America has been preserved for posterity.

It is hoped that this account may be of some help to the new Skier at Meany who, speeding through Slobbovian snow, comes upon one miserable, misplaced hemlock tree at the brink of a gully and clearly labeled "Lower Slobbovia National Park" and "Leave them flowers be." After such an introduction, Friend Skier will either beat a hasty retreat to Snoqualmie or proclaim enthusiastically, "Gunk skiink hat Meany? Hew bat!"