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Hiking, Backpacking, Urban Walks leader resources

Leader Checklists

Checklist for hike/backpack leaders from pre-trip planning to post-trip activity reporting. Updated 1-31-21

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Leadership Discussion Scenarios

Examples of realistic scenarios used for discussion in Hike-Backpack Leader Seminars. Last updated 6-7-24

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Behavioral "Red Flags" for Inappropriate Behavior by a Leader or Participant

How to recognize and deal with participant or leader behavior involving bullying, exclusion, micro-aggression, disregard/disrespect, entitlement, unwelcome touching Drafted by Christina Buckman, 12-4-2023

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How To:  Write a good activity listing!

How To: Write a good activity listing!

Look for links here on how to write an activity listing that attracts participants, helps them self-screen for trips they are capable of, and defines the difficulty clearly.