Foothills Trail Running Committee

Foothills Trail Running Committee

Passionate about running? Interested in trying it? Whether you've never run a trail or just finished the Cascade Crest 100, join us in creating a community of outdoors lovers who have the pleasure of seeing a little more, a little faster!
Welcome to our running community!

Trail Running Courses and Badges

We offer an introductory-level trail running course focused on getting you started with the fundamentals and more advanced trail running courses. Through these courses, which are usually offered in the Spring, you can earn the following badges:

Winter Conditioning Series. Build your base or maintain fitness for next year with a fun and accountable group during the Winter. Held in late Autumn / Winter.

Trail Running Leadership

If you're an experienced trail runner, consider becoming a trip leader for us. Apply to be a trail run leader here.  For questions about becoming a trail run leader, please contact us at 

Our trail Running community

  • Why: You don't have to be Forest Gump or Usain Bolt to  learn to enjoy running. Whether you've never set a speedy foot on the trail or ran the last Cascade Crest 100, join us in creating a community of outdoors lovers who have the pleasure of seeing a little more, a little faster. Trail running allows you to enjoy more of your favorite hikes and wild places, and enables you to explore more of our beautiful region. Join our friendly committee.
  • Where: If you can hike it, then you can run it!
  • When: Provided you're ready for mud, rain, and the occasional white stuff, this is a year-round activity. However, as with all outdoor pursuits, inclement weather requires greater preparedness.
  • Who: Anyone who's ready to enjoy the outdoors at a faster pace. 
Check the Mountaineers website for our activities including:
  • Trail running courses
  • Trail runs in the frontcountry - these have no prerequisites and a variety of paces are welcome. Join us for a run!
  • Seminars on trail running-related topics
  • Weekend retreats. A weekend of fun activities including trail runs at Mountaineers lodges and other locations.
  • Trail running leadership. Submit your application for becoming a trail run leader at any time, and we'll help you take the next steps.
  • Trail race meetups. Want to try running but worried about your pace, first aid, hydration, or some other issue? No need! Join us at safe local races with plenty of resources and cool folks to try anything from a  new pair of shoes to a more intense elevation gain. We'll be doing our best to arrange meetups afterwards, so you can rehash your brightest (or funniest) moments among friends.