Foothills Branch Committees

Foothills Backcountry Skiing Committee Foothills Backcountry Skiing Committee

Foothills Winter Programs are dedicated to bringing out the backcountry skier or boarder in everyone. We use a mix of traditional instruction and experiential education, and lots of fun to forge a memorable experience where you learn skills and techniques to become a safe and competent backcountry skier.

Foothills Backpacking Committee Foothills Backpacking Committee

Join our committed group of backpacking enthusiasts as we build programs, support our dedicated leaders, and develop new leaders to support the growing Mountaineers backpacking community!

Foothills Climbing Committee Foothills Climbing Committee

The new Foothills Branch Climbing Committee is in the process of developing climbing courses with the goal of offering a Basic Alpine and Intermediate Alpine in the Foothills in 2021.

Foothills Conservation Committee Foothills Conservation Committee

The Foothills Branch Conservation Committee is responsible for administering conservation, advocacy, restoration and educational programs under the auspices of Foothills Branch and the Mountaineers, including administering conservation and restoration projects, training leaders, teaching and influencing advocacy issues, and educating leaders and the recreating public.

Foothills Cross-country Skiing Committee Foothills Cross-country Skiing Committee

The Foothills Cross Country Ski committee is dedicated to offering safe and fun cross-country ski outings for Mountaineers members on our beautiful winter trails, and to train skilled and supportive nordic ski leaders for the future.

Foothills Events Committee Foothills Events Committee

A branch Committee tasked with identifying, developing, planning, promoting a variety of special events for branch members and area non-members.

Foothills First Aid Committee Foothills First Aid Committee

The First Aid committee of the Foothills Branch is responsible for training programs for leaders and members in east-side communities to improve their ability to respond capably and confidently to medical emergency situations in the backcountry. This primarily involves coordinating the presentation of the programs. It sometimes involves preparation of materials for the programs.

Foothills Hiking Committee Foothills Hiking Committee

The Foothills Hiking Committee offers a broad array of hikes across the state and beyond, as well as courses to improve your safety, conditioning, and trail skills. In addition, the committee is dedicated to providing strong support, training, resources, and recognition for anyone who would like to broaden their leadership skills and 'give back' by becoming a hike leader!

Foothills Navigation Committee Foothills Navigation Committee

Welcome to the Foothills Branch Navigation Commitee page! The Foothills Branch Navigation Committee organizes and delivers clinics and courses to help outdoor enthusiasts gain the skills and confidence to navigate on or off trails in the backcountry.

Foothills Scrambling Committee Foothills Scrambling Committee

Alpine Scrambling is a mountaineering experience half-way between technical mountain climbing and strenuous hiking that takes you off-trail to a mountain summit.  In a single day trip, you might travel a traditional trail, an off-trail section through dense forest, an open meadow of flowers, a steep snow slope, a sheer rocky ridge line, and finally a serene summit with views extending across the Cascades.

Foothills Snowshoeing Committee Foothills Snowshoeing Committee

The Foothills snowshoeing program leads snowshoe trips for The Mountaineers throughout the winter season along with offering courses in basic and intermediate snowshoeing as well as winter camping.

Foothills Trail Running Committee Foothills Trail Running Committee

Passionate about running? Interested in trying it? Whether you've never run a trail or just finished the Cascade Crest 100, join us in creating a community of outdoors lovers who have the pleasure of seeing a little more, a little faster!