Foothills Cross-country Skiing Committee

Foothills Cross-country Skiing Committee

The Foothills Cross Country Ski committee is dedicated to offering safe and fun cross-country ski outings for Mountaineers members on our beautiful winter trails, and to train skilled and supportive nordic ski leaders for the future.

What is Cross-Country Skiing?

Cross-country skiing is usually on groomed trails or roads, both uphill and down, where your heel is free to lift.   

Want to know more about cross-country ski etiquette?  Take a look at this document.

What does the Foothills Cross-Country Committee Offer?

Foothills cross-country ski leaders offer a variety of fun and safe cross-country ski outings for members and guests that help them enjoy the best of the northwest winter. The committee also offers a program of training and certification to develop new Cross Country ski leaders, allowing ski offerings for members to expand over time.

Become a leader

There are several club-wide define qualifications to become a Cross-Country ski leader.

After you have completed the First Aid, Avalanche Awareness,  Leadership Seminar requirements and been on at least 2 Mountaineers lead cross-country ski trips, fill out the Application and send it to the committee chair.

You are responsible for finding your own mentor to assist you lead a mentored ski trip. Any Mountaineers XC ski leader can be that mentor.  As part of that trip, they will assist you with getting that trip posted and help you run it.  Then they will fill out an evaluation form and send to the the Chair.

The requirement for the Basic XC badge is no big deal.  As part of completing your mentored ski trip, have the mentor confirm you are an adequate skier and the Chair will grant you equivalence to the Basic Ski course, (which then awards you the badge).

Leadership related files can be found here.