Foothills Navigation Committee

Foothills Navigation Committee

Welcome to the Foothills Branch Navigation Commitee page! The Foothills Branch Navigation Committee organizes and delivers clinics and courses to help outdoor enthusiasts gain the skills and confidence to navigate on or off trails in the backcountry.


The Staying Found navigation course is a hands-on field navigation training day, tailored to hikers and backpackers, provides focused information on key skills and tools, and hands-on practice on the trail, to become confident reading a topographic map against the features of the terrain around you, get important information from a compass and altimeter, and maintain a steady awareness of where you are as well as how to find yourself if you get temporarily misplaced.


Are you an experienced navigator looking to expand your skills for winter travel? Would you like to learn the difference between summer and winter navigation? The Foothills Winter Navigation course is aimed to teach key points of winter travel to experienced navigators. It is a one night evening class  aimed to make you comfortable in your winter navigation skills. You can check out the course here.

Digital Trip Planning and Navigation

The internet, smart phones, and GPS have transformed the way we plan trips and navigate. This course is aimed to teach both new and experienced navigators how to plan your trip and navigate using the latest digital tools available.


The Foothills Navigation Committee is looking to expand our course offerings by introducing a Wilderness Navigation Course. Are you interested in help develop or instruct? Contact  The Chair to learn more!


Are you looking to get involved with the Foothills Navigation Committee? We're looking for dedicated volunteers to help staff current courses and develop the new Wilderness Navigation Course. Contact The Chair at to find out how!

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As a Mountaineers member, you are eligible to receive a free year of GaiaGPS's GaiaPRO. Gaia GPS is a great application for your iPhone or Android to help you navigate in the back country. Find your location, set up routes, track your adventure, and more!  Click here to find out how to use this benefit!