Foothills Conservation Committee

Foothills Conservation Committee

The Foothills Branch Conservation Committee is responsible for administering conservation, advocacy, restoration and educational programs under the auspices of Foothills Branch and the Mountaineers, including administering conservation and restoration projects, training leaders, teaching and influencing advocacy issues, and educating leaders and the recreating public.



• Trash pickup 
• Tree planting-Invasive plant removal

A ADVOCACY – Influence/Lobby/Identify issues and Scope/Planning-Meetings & Comments

  •  Member of Mountains to Sound Outdoor Recreation Committee, a partnership of local non-profits and government agencies
  • Mountaineer's Outdoor Advocates Network E-training
  • Course leaders teach students public land designation during courses


  • Partnership events with other non-profits
  • Trail work and salmon restoration projects
  • Participants receive Stewardship Badge
  • Recruit regular trail restoration participants to be a part of Conservation Committee


  • Educate others in the practice of respectful interaction while in the natural environment.
  • Teach and embody leave no trace principles.  Encourage self sufficiency by bringing the 10 essentials and becoming familiar with navigation and wilderness first aid.
  • Model and teach mindful outdoor practices that are sensitive to wildlife, plants and others sharing the outdoor environment.
  • Member, Mountains to Sound Trail Ambassadors  Program
  • Encourage Mountaineers LNT E-Training

Collaboration Model with Partners:
• Shadow Lake Nature Preserve
• Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
• Washington Trails Association
• Seattle Outdoor Adventurers Meetup
• Issaquah Alps Trails Club

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