Foothills Scrambling Committee

Foothills Scrambling Committee

Alpine Scrambling is a mountaineering experience half-way between technical mountain climbing and strenuous hiking that takes you off-trail to a mountain summit.  In a single day trip, you might travel a traditional trail, an off-trail section through dense forest, an open meadow of flowers, a steep snow slope, a sheer rocky ridge line, and finally a serene summit with views extending across the Cascades.


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Alpine Scrambling Course

The Alpine Scramble Course teaches student safe off-trail travel in both snow and rock, including how to use an ice axe to self-arrest, plus an introduction to walking in crampons, allowing you to safely reach the majority of the peaks in the Cascades. The small class size and focused time frame provide a great learning environment ideal for those who can’t commit multiple weekends to learning. 

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