Foothills Scrambling Committee

Foothills Scrambling Committee

Alpine Scrambling is a mountaineering experience half-way between technical mountain climbing and strenuous hiking that takes you off-trail to a mountain summit.  In a single day trip, you might travel a traditional trail, an off-trail section through dense forest, an open meadow of flowers, a steep snow slope, a sheer rocky ridge line, and finally a serene summit with views extending across the Cascades.


We're a new committee looking to develop scrambling within Foothills and serve the Eastside community!  If you're a scramble leader, graduate interested in instructing or just want to help our, please email!  We can use all the help we can get!  

Scrambling Equivalency

We offer both scramble and leader equivalency on a rolling basis.  If you already have experience scrambling or leading scrambling with another organization, please let us know and we’ll expedite granting equivalency.  Application, interview, and a skills test may be required.  Until you we get the equivalency courses and application posted, please email for assistance.

Planned 2018 Courses (tentative)

Accelerated Scramble Leader Development

A new course for scramble graduates interested in becoming scramble leaders.  This course combines classroom work on outdoor leadership, trip planning, and leader technical skills in ropes & anchors with mentored leadership opportunities to accelerate the path for recent scramble graduates into a leader role in the scramble community.  This is an intensive class for recent graduates committed to leadership and volunteering in the Mountaineers.  Extensive scrambling experience is not required before starting the course, but you must be a scramble graduate and committed to becoming a leader.  

Scramble Compressed

The entire scramble course (minus the Experience Field Trip) in one weekend for those with limited time or late registration.  A single long weekend in May or early June (Friday - Sunday) is used to cover equipment, rock and snow scrambling (both lectures and field trips) while staying at a Mountaineer’s lodge (Stevens or Baker TBD).  The small class size and focused time frame provide a great learning environment ideal for those who can’t commit multiple weekends to learning.  Students will still need to complete the experience field trip in June and and three (3) summits including one rock and one snow scramble in order to graduate. 

 Go Scrambling!

Check out available scramble activities for both summer and winter scrambles!