Course Materials

The Ten Essentials

Microsoft Word Document icon Ten Essentials.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 25 KB

Beginner Backpacker Gear Recommendations 2020

A list of suggested examples of major gear brands and models we would recommend to you as a good value to get started backpacking. Clothing and small essentials are not included. This is not an exhaustive list, and you should try out ANY gear items before buying!

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet icon 2020 B3 Basic Gear Recommendations.xlsx — Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, 120 KB

Latest Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Ratings

from - updated for 2020

Microsoft Word Document icon 2020 Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Ratings .docx — Microsoft Word Document, 207 KB

Backpacking Gear Checklist Template - the "Basic Kit"

Use this template to work out what you need for your first trips!

Microsoft Word Document icon Intro to Backpacking Gear Checklist.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 16 KB

Andrew Skurka Gear List and Weight Template

A sample gear template created by Andrew Skurka to help backpackers assemble their gear and keep track of their backpacking base weight. See other Skurka document for the accompanying gearlist definitions document.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet icon Backpacking Gear List Template & Checklist Skurka.xlsx — Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, 39 KB

Skurka Gearlist -- definitions

A supplemental document to the Skurka Gear Spredsheet with category definitions.

Microsoft Word Document icon Skurka Gearlist - definitions.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 14 KB

Website listings - Lightweight Backpacking

A list of websites and Facebook pages focused on lightweight gear -- reviews, used gear purchasing, Ultralight gear manufacturer websites, etc.

Microsoft Word Document icon Lightweight websites.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 12 KB

Gear Priorities - Pros and Cons

Use this handy rubric to evaluate what gear attributes are most important to you, considering price, weight and features.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet icon Gear Priorities - Pros and cons.xlsx — Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, 40 KB