Avalanche Awareness


Avalanche Awareness - Online Classroom

Learn the basics of evaluating avalanche terrain and the framework for safe winter trip planning.

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The seminar will start at 7 PM sharp and run ~1.5 hours.   Seminar is via Zoom. NWAC will sent the Zoom link to those who register at NWAC for the class.

Please register at NWAC registration link  to get a Zoom link from NWAC. 

NWAC Avalanche Awareness
Not sure if you're heading into potential avalanche territory? Want to know more about the causes of avalanches, pre-trip indicators, and backcountry hazards? Come join us and find out more from an expert in the field!

This seminar is an introduction to recognizing avalanche terrain, knowing the primary factors that cause avalanches, and ways to avoid avalanche danger, including pre-trip planning and using NWAC online avalanche and mountain weather forecasts.

Student learning outcomes:

At the end of the Avalanche Awareness seminar the student should be able to:

  • Access NWAC avalanche and mountain weather forecasts
  • Recognize avalanche terrain and basic signs of avalanche danger
  • Avoid avalanche danger

Presented by the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC). 

Please take the time to check out the NWAC website, and consider supporting their important work for winter outdoor recreationalists!




participants will earn:

leaders will earn:

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

An open mind and interest in staying alive in the winter outdoors.

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