Online Classroom

For components of our courses or standalone educational opportunities, events, and activties that are completed online.

How to use the Online Classroom

Before you use this page to schedule your online programming, be sure to follow the steps outlined below. 

1. Determine the tools you need

Before booking your programming, consider what tools you will want to use. Do you need video conferencing? Do you need to create documents or assignments for students? Consider what suite of tools you may want to use. If you aren’t sure, please visit our Content Creation Tools page to learn more about the variety of tools, tips, and tricks we’ve put together to help volunteers run their programs online. 

2. Request a Zoom meeting 


If you need to request resources from The Mountaineers for your activity (ex: Zoom link with host privileges), please complete a request for your preferred date/time and make sure it is approved before proceeding to schedule your activity on the website. The Mountaineers has a limited number of paid Zoom licenses. If you do not contact us before you book your event, we cannot guarantee we will have availability for your meeting. 

If your meeting does not require the more robust features offered by Zoom, please consider setting-up your meeting on a free platform like Google Hangouts or Skype. 

3. Book the Online Classroom route/place

Once you have determined the tools needed for your program, and you have secured a Zoom meeting link (or other video conferencing option), you should book your event on the Online Classroom route/place. 

4. Tag your event 

Tagging your program properly will make sure that your students and anyone else can see what you’ve posted. If you don’t tag, there is a chance that your program may have less visibility!

After your program has been booked on the Online Classroom, don’t forget to tag your event or activity with “Virtual” to populate it on our Virtual Events & Activities calendar or Online Classes list.

  • Land Manager: Mountaineers eLearning
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 1000
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 12
Trip Reports

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