Avalanche Awareness Course


Avalanche Awareness Course

This badge represents successful completion of our Avalanche Awareness Course, an introduction to understanding and avoiding avalanches.

The Mountaineers partners with the Northwest Avalanche Center to provide basic avalanche training to participants in our Basic Snowshoeing and other winter courses. The Avalanche Awareness class is 1-2 hours and usually on weekday evenings during the winter season.

Description of Skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our Avalanche Awareness Course and/or has demonstrated proficiency in these areas:

  • Understanding the basics of avalanche mechanics
  • Identifying snow stability
  • Safe travel
  • Search technique
  • Beacon use

What does this badge allow me to do?

How do I get this badge?


To get this badge, you must successfully complete our Avalanche Awareness CoursePlease allow 5-7 days from course completion for the badge to be awarded to your profile. 


Taking the course directly through NWAC qualifies as equivalency for this seminar. The Avalanche Awareness Badge may also be granted to members who have applicable experience and can demonstrate proficiency in the relevant skills.  To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact .