Ice Climbing Skills Development Application

Apply for the Progressive Climbing Education (PCE) Technical Skills Development Program for Ice Climbing.

The Mountaineers Technical Skills Development Program

Purpose: For Mountaineers to apply to represent their branch as participants in our Progressive Climbing Education (PCE) Technical Skills Development Program. This program is designed to include the most highly qualified applicants representing a wide range of branches.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet these criteria:

  • Be a current, active member of the Mountaineers with a history of active volunteer engagement.
  • Commit to attending any of the climbing trips for which you are selected to participate.
  • Commit to sharing the learning from this program by using it to teach classes, develop new classes, or lead field trips that draw on your expertise.

The Mountaineers will pay for lodging and expenses for professional guides. You will be responsible for your food and travel expenses, plus any equipment needed for the trip.

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Branch   Please select the branch whose climbing program you are most closely affiliated with

Ice Climbing Ability   What grade of water ice are you currently comfortable leading?

Rock Climbing Ability   What grade of rock are you proficient at leading using traditional protection (not sport-climbing)?

Improving Leadership Development   Would you be willing to share your learning from this experience with the Progressive Climbing Education Leadership Development Committee?