Global Adventures Committee

Global Adventures Committee

The Global Adventures committee brings the mission of the Mountaineers to the world by overseeing the planning and delivery of safe, fun and successful active outdoor adventures for Mountaineers members beyond the Pacific Northwest.


The Global Adventures Committee is made up of highly experienced Mountaineers activity leaders and international travelers, who love to plan and lead groups to hike, trek, backpack, climb, snowshoe or ski in special outdoor adventure destinations around the world.  

what is a global adventure?

By board policy, Global Adventures fit into one of two categories:

  • Multi-day Mountaineers activities within North America and Hawaii (including Mexico and Canada) that involve advance payment for services (permits, lodging, transport) by participants or by the leader on behalf of a Mountaineers group.
  • Any Mountaineers activity in a destination outside of North America.

Mountaineers activities within North America do not have to be classified as Global Adventures if leaders and participants make their own bookings and pay their own expenses.

Global Adventures itineraries are designed for active Mountaineers and often take you on a unique route typically not available to the commercial touring crowd.  They provide a unique value for Mountaineers members compared to commercial outfitters because leaders are volunteers and the club does not seek a profit.  And perhaps most importantly, you can count on the safety focus  and like-minded, capable companions and leaders that you know and trust from the Mountaineers.

Watch the Global Adventures Blog for stories and photos from past Global Adventures and fun 'inside info' about upcoming trips!


You may have noticed that few Global Adventures trips have been listed for awhile.  In May of 2017 The Mountaineers completed an in-depth external benchmarking and risk and safety review of the Global Adventures program (a review that also encompassed the Scrambling and Climbing programs).  A number of improvements were initiated and the Board of Directors endorsed the Global Adventures program to expand its corps of highly experienced leaders and its portfolio of exciting trip offerings.  A number of new leaders are in the process of gaining their qualifications and members should be seeing an array of interesting new Global Adventure trips in upcoming months!

New Global Adventures  typically come up as activity listings on the Mountaineers website  8-12 months before the trip is scheduled to depart.  Some of these fill quickly, so bookmark the Global Adventures page on your browser so that you can keep an eye on the trips that are coming up!  


Our Global Adventures program thrives by maintaining an exciting array of trips on offer, with a diverse range of destinations and activity types.   New leaders can be an important part of that ongoing diversity.  We're delighted to help experienced Mountaineers activity leaders who love to plan and lead multi-day adventure trips to check out the process to become a Global Adventures leader.  Find out about the steps and who to contact by clicking here, or complete and submit an online Global Adventures Leader application.