Equity & Inclusion Working Group

The Mountaineers Equity & Inclusion Working Group was established in September 2018 to offer a forum for our members interested in contributing to The Mountaineers work to increase equity in the outdoors. This work is based on our belief that a diverse and inclusive outdoors inspires unity, respect, and passion for the places we love. This is a reflection of our core values, which were written by our community. We are working together to build a Mountaineers where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.

The Working Group consists of about 200 individuals who have opted in to provide feedback and resources and participate in conversations as it relates to equity and inclusion work, both within The Mountaineers and as a part of the greater community. People in this group agree to receive messages from staff on The Mountaineers a few times or more a month, and to participate thoughtfully and respectfully with other members of this working group. Members participate in good faith, and continued participation is predicated on respectful communications and aligning with the norms of the Working Group.

Join the Working Group

If you're interested in joining the Working Group Basecamp, please send an email outlining your interest and any relevant experience to kristinac@mountaineers.org