Climbing Leadership Development Committee

The LDC focuses on improving and enhancing leadership opportunities in The Mountaineers Climbing Programs


The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) identifies new ways to create leaders and increase the number of active leaders. Additionally, the LDC works to find new opportunities for continuing education and leader training. 


The LDC is working to identify new leadership roles in an effort to reduce barriers, and ease the burden on our already busy volunteers. They have been developing a modular leadership track that would allow prospective leaders to pursue a variety of leadership tracks such as Alpine Rock, Glacier, Intermediate Leader, or a Front-Country role that focuses on conditioners and crag trips. 

This project is still in its early stages, but the hope is that a variety of leadership tracks will draw more people to leader roles, and make it easier for someone to become a leader if they have an interest in leading one type of climb rather than becoming a full climb leader. 

The project also aims to make the path to become a leader clear and transparent. The process to become a climb leader is currently not well defined out outlined, and many potential new leaders may not know where to go or how to start down a leadership path. The LDC hopes to increase the number of leaders by making the process easy to follow and understand.

Questions or feedback about what Leadership Development is working on? Please contact your branch representative or the committee chair.