Alpine Ambassadors

Alpine Ambassadors

A group of Mountaineers Climbers from all branches looking to push their limits together and help others improve their climbing skills through mentorship.

Alpine Ambassadors are a group of climbers looking to push their limits together, learn from the mentorship of guides and highly accomplished climbers, and mentor others. This talented group is comprised of leaders from all branches with climbing programs, and committed to helping our leaders push their climbing limits. 

Alpine Ambassadors is designed as the next step for our climb leaders. It's an opportunity for those who spend so much time mentoring students to continue to push their own climbing abilities with a community of strong and motivated Mountaineers climbers.

Alpine Ambassadors is funded by generous donors who believe that investing in our volunteers helps us have the greatest positive impact on our community. Thanks to this generous investment, there is no fee for our volunteers to be a part of this program.

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Alpine Ambassadors hosts mentorship programs that offer advanced skill development for our volunteers whose climbing has surpassed the level of typical Mountaineers courses. 

Alpine Ambassadors Trips

(trips for Ambassadors)

Alpine Ambassadors hosts trips for its members and aspiring members, who are lead climbing at a minimum grade of 5.9 and Water Ice 3. Mentorship is provided by a combination of paid professional guides and volunteers who come highly regarded in the climbing community. Participants are responsible for their own travel and food expenses. An application is required to participate in Alpine Ambassadors trips, and although priority will go to current Alpine Ambassadors on most of these types of trips, those interested in joining Ambassadors are eligible to apply.

Gateway trips

Each year, Alpine Ambassadors conducts two trips that are “gateway” trips - one rock trip and one ice trip. These trips are designed to welcome new climbers into the community, and whenever possible, will include 50% new Ambassadors and 50% current Ambassadors.

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Alpine Ambassadors Hosted Trips

(Trips hosted by Ambassadors, without professional guides)

Our Alpine Ambassadors offer skill development trips for our volunteers who are competent lead climbers and have experience ice climbing, but are not yet leading 5.9 or WI3. These trips are designed to provide climbing growth and mentorship for top Mountaineers volunteers, often beyond what typical Mountaineers courses can provide. Climbing mentorship is provided by the team of Alpine Ambassadors who are coordinating the trip. Participants are responsible for their own travel and food expenses, but the trip leaders are only responsible for their food expenses (travel is covered for leaders). An application is required to participate in Alpine Ambassadors Hosted Trips.

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 Alpine Ambassadors participate in a variety of activities throughout the year, such as climbing festivals, stewardship and anchor replacement projects. Ambassadors also pursue climbing objectives together, and can apply internally for funding to support ambitious climbing objectives. 

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