Seattle Branch North Puget Sound Paddling Experience


Seattle Branch North Puget Sound Paddling Experience

A paddle badge for sea kayaking some classic and characteristic routes in North Puget Sound and vicinity.


The purpose of this badge is to encourage people to explore the classic and unique paddles in North Puget Sound and vicinity.  All paddles can be completed in one day, though there are overnight options on several.  The collection serves as a good goal for new paddlers.  Completing these paddles will expose you to diverse paddles in our area and a variety of conditions to build your skill and confidence. 

Maury Island Circumnavigation (route)

Launch from anywhere in vicinity, circumnavigate Maury Island, and return to your launch point.  Some suggested launch points are Burton Acres Park on Vashon, Des Moines Marina, or Point Defiance.  Marine trail campsites at Maury Island Marine Park and Point Robinson Park make for overnight options.

Blake Island Circumnavigation (route)

There are two options for this trip.  From West Seattle, launch from Lincoln Park, Lowman Beach Park, or Alki Park, cross Puget Sound, circumnavigate Blake, and return.  Alternatively, launch from Illahee State Park, east Bremerton, paddle through Rich Passage, circumnavigate Blake, and return.  You can camp at the marine trail site on Blake Island.

Mercer Island Circumnavigation (route)

Launch from any of the many parks.  Common launch points are Enatai Beach Park, Ferdinand Street Boat Launch, or Seward Park.  From your launch, circumnavigate Mercer Island and return.

Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (route)

Transit the Hiram M Chittenden Locks in either direction in your kayak.  There are a variety of ways this may be done. Launch from somewhere in Lake Union, paddle through the Fremont Cut, the locks, and take out at Golden Gardens (route).  Or, Launch at the 15th Ave NW Boat Ramp, transit out through the locks, take lunch, and transit back in through the locks (route).

Poulsbo to Kingston (route)

Launch from Oyster Plant Park in Poulsbo, ride the currents through Agate Pass, transit Port Madison Bay, and take out at the Kingston Boat Ramp.  Can be done in reverse.  Timing the tidal currents in Agate Pass is important on this one.  Optional stops along the route include Old Man House State Park in Suquamish, and Indianola dock.

Spencer Island (Snohomish River) (route)

Launch from Langus Riverfront Park and paddle up the Snohomish River to Steamboat Slough.  Circumnavigate Spencer and Otter islands using Steamboat and Union Slough.  Otter Island is located just east of Spencer’s north end.  At high tides, you can paddle over the interior of Spencer.   A good lunch spot is on the mainland across from Otter islands northeast most point.  Enhance your trip with a reading of the Snohomish River Estuary Recreation Guide.

Marrowstone Island (route)

Launch from East Beach Park, paddle around the north end of Marrowstone, and land in Mystery Bay State Park.  The route can be done in either direction.  Circumnavigation of Marrowstone or Marrowstone and Indian Islands also qualifies.  There are overnight options at Kinney Point and Fort Flagler State Park.  

Hope Island (North) Circumnavigation (route)

Launch from Cornet Bay (near Deception Pass), paddle to Hope Island, circumnavigate it, and return.  There are several possible additions to this trip.  Include a visit to Skagit Island, which has a marine trail campsite.  Circumnavigate Kiket island by portaging over the tombolo.  Visit Ala Spit County Park.


Complete all the trips in this award badge.  Each paddle must be done as a Mountaineers trip and follow the specific routes described.  All past Mountaineers trips are accepted.  The route may be included as part of a longer paddle.  

There are two necessary steps:  documenting your paddles and alerting the Seattle sea kayaking committee of your request.

Report your completion of the trips by filling out this form.  To complete the form, you will need:

  • A link to your profile
  • The date of each qualifying trip.
  • If the trip does not appear in your history, please also include the trip leader’s name and a brief description of the route.

Finally alert the current Seattle Sea Kayaking committee chair, who’s contact information can be found on the committee web page.


Contact the current chair of the Seattle Sea Kayaking Committee