Kingston, Northern Bainbridge Island & Liberty Bay

Sea kayaking routes abound along the east shores of the central Kitsap Peninsula, north shores of Bainbridge Island, and Agate Passage. There are many places to launch, land, and explore including Liberty Bay, the Poulsbo waterfront, Dogfish Creek, Keyport waterfront, Suquamish, Port Madison, Miller Bay, the Indianola Waterfront Preserve, and Fay Bainbridge Park.

launch points

  • Apple Tree Cove, Kingston
  • Arness Roadside Park, Kingston
  • Suquamish Boat Ramp (aka Charles Lawrence Memorial Boat Ramp). This boat ramp can be used to launch at any tide level, preferred parking is across the road on Suquamish Way, restrooms in Suquamish are seasonal porta-potties, and there restrooms in Suquamish for paying customers at Bella Luna’s. Walk west up Suquamish Way a short distance to visit Chief Seattle's grave and learn about the tribe's history at Old Man Park. During Chief Seattle days, consider paddling from another launch point to view the festivities and avoid parking congestion in Suquamish.
  • Fay Bainbridge Park, Bainbridge Island. A city park with a  short carry to the beach and restrooms.
  • Hidden Cove Park, Bainbridge Island.
  • Oyster Plant Park (17881 Fjord Drive NE, Poulsbo, WA). Park at Lions Park a few blocks away at 6th Ave & Fjord Dr.
  • Keyport. Launch at the gravel  beach next to the Keyport Boat Ramp. Keyport has porta-potties and the welcoming Keyport Mercantile has food and drink. There is limited parking near the boat ramp, and more available on street.

on the water

Liberty Bay

7.0 nm, difficulty: Sea Kayak II

Traverse this beautiful bay taking in the marinas, Poulsbo Waterfront Park, Dogfish Creek, Oyster Plant Park, and Keyport.

Suquamish to Keyport

10.0 nm round trip, difficulty: Sea Kayak III

Enjoy the scenic views, a bit of history and the current flow through Agate Pass and the entrance to Liberty Bay. Old Man House with an exhibit, 0.5 nm south of Suquamish, is a pleasant stopover. It is 50 yards north of the Agate Pass pilon. The restrooms there are permanently closed, but there are porta-potties available at the Keyport boat launch. Landing is good at any tide.

Suquamish to Fay Bainbridge Park

7.0 nm, difficulty: Sea Kayak II+

Fay Bainbridge Park to Liberty Bay

9.6 nm, difficulty: Sea Kayak III

The route meanders along the shoreline, crossing mouth of Port Madison, then crossing Agate Passage before the bridge. Cross Liberty Bay for a break at Key Port, before paddling on to Oyster Plant Park in Poulsbo. The current is strong in Agate Passage, and the shoreline is accessible throughout Agate Passage. Time the trip appropriately for flood.

Port Madison & Miller Bay

8.0 nm, difficulty: Sea Kayak II/III

Paddle from Hidden Cove Park or Fay Bainbridge Park across Port Madison and into Miller Bay near Indianola.

Kingston to Poulsbo

13.0 nm, difficulty: sea kayak iii/iv

Launch from the Kingston Boat Ramp to enjoy a classic paddle along a historic Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet route, viewing Mount Rainier, passing the towns of Indianola and Suquamish, and crossing Port Madison Bay. Ride the tidal currents through Agate Passage (up to 3 knots), the traditional winter village of the  Suquamish people, and former location of Old Man House, the largest longhouse on Puget sound. Finally pass the community of Keyport, enter Poulsbo's Liberty Bay, and land at Oyster Plant Park.

Agate Passage

10 nm round trip, Difficulty: Sea Kayak III+

Confident paddlers with strong low brace recovery in dynamic water can explore ebbs and floods. Launch from Keyport Marina if there's a morning ebb, allowing flood to take you back in during the afternoon. Launch from Old Man House Park in Suquamish for a morning flood.

Information for Leaders

Scheduling & Permits

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  • Difficulty: Sea Kayak II
  • Length: 7.0 nm
  • Land Manager: Land Manager Varies
  • Parking Permit Required: see Land Manager
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 20
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 20
  • MapTech Oak Bay to Commencement Bay No. 102
  • NOAA Puget Sound No. 18440
  • MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
  • Sea Trails Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton and Liberty Bay WA202
Trip Reports

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  • Agate Passage
  • Liberty Bay
  • Fay Bainbridge Park to Liberty Bay
  • Fay Bainbridge Park to Miller Bay
  • Fay Bainbridge Park to Port Madison
  • Fay Bainbridge Park to Suquamish
  • Kingston to Indianola
  • Kingston to Liberty Bay
  • Kingston to Miller Bay
  • Kingston to Poulsbo
  • Kingston to Port Madison
  • Kingston to Suquamish
  • Kingston to Fay Bainbridge Park
  • Miller Bay
  • Port Madison & Miller Bay
  • Suquamish to Keyport
  • Suquamish to Liberty Bay
  • Suquamish to Fay Bainbridge

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