Cross Country Ski Informational Class; The Nuts and Bolts of XC Skiing


Cross Country Ski Informational Class; The Nuts and Bolts of XC Skiing - Online Classroom

A second class of the Nuts and Bolts of XC Skiing is being offered. In this virtual class you will discover details that one needs to know about the winter sport of xc skiing in WA. This seminar is designed for beginner and intermediate xc skiers, and those xc skiers new to WA State. We are going to cover all that you need to know so you are a more informed xc skier. This class will deepen your understanding of skiing both off and on the trail.

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Date: Sunday, December 11, 2022

Time: 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Virtual Classroom via zoom

Please sign in to zoom at least 5 minutes by 1:55 pm.

Zoom information will be set to the class participants a few days before the class begins.

WA State has diverse XC Ski parks across the state. Learn how to get ready for the trails, understand the difference between ski types, and what is needed to ski the various xc ski parks before you ski the trails. 

Note: "This seminar will not cover back-country skiing. That is skiing outside marked trails and listed forest roads where different skills, experience and equipment are needed."

Some of the XC Ski Topics we will cover are:

  • What each Mountaineer Ski Branch Offers
  • Where to ski in WA and Trail Classifications
  • Types of Trails and their Locations
  • Winter Driving and Safety Tips
    • Mountain Passes
    • Weather Forecasts
    • Trail Passes
    • Plan B
    • Trail Safety
    • Ski Trail Etiquette.....yes, there are rules on the ski trails
  • Three Types of Nordic Skis
  • Scales or skins for your bases
  • Which pair of skis to use on the different types of trails
  • Equipment: Skis, boots, poles
    •  Where to buy, rent or demo ski equipment
  • Skis come in various performance levels....Know what you are buying
  • ALL Tips and Tails of skis need wax: rub on or hot wax....Let us explain
Required Equipment

Required Equipment


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