Tacoma Cross-country Skiing Committee

Tacoma Cross-country Skiing Committee

Cross Country Skiing is an excellent form of winter cardiovascular exercise performed on groomed trails or ungroomed/snowmachine groomed mountain road trails. There are three types of XC Skis: classic track, classic metal edged for both track and off-track, and skate.

Winter  of 2022-2023

Tacoma Cross Country Ski Committee will offer a ski informational class  focused on the nuts and bolts of xc skiing, a hot-wax clinic and a beginner ski course. Partaking in any of these offerings will take your knowledge of XC skiing to the next level.

1. The Nuts and Bolts of XC Skiing in WA zoom class/seminar will be held Sunday, November 13th via zoom starting at 1pm. It is  for beginner and intermediate skiers wanting to understand the where, what, whys and hows of XC Skiing. It is also for any skiers new to WA State who want to learn about xc skiing in WA.

2. XC Ski Hot Wax Clinic-Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022 from 1-3:30 at the Tacoma Program Center. Come and learn the whys and hows of hot waxing your xc skis for a smoother and faster glide.

3. January 2023 Beginner XC Classic Ski Course. There will be three in-town classes and three classes on the trails. Dates to be announced.

The Tacoma XC Committee is looking for Mountaineers interested in getting involved in XC skiing. Feel free to reach out to us to let us know how you want to become involved.....a xc committee member, a ski leader, attend a class, or ski with a group.

Mountaineer Global XC Ski Opportunity

A Global Mountaineer XC Ski Adventure to Norway has been planned for classic skiing from March 5-18, 2023. 

This is an Intermediate two week lodge-based trip in which we will xc classic ski right out the door of our mountain hotels, on large networks of beautifully groomed ski trails. 

There is room for up to two more intermediate xc skiers. Trip registration closes on Dec.17th, 2022. 

This trip is explained in more detail on the Mountaineers link above.

If cross skiing in Norway is on your bucket list, this is an opportunity not to miss! 

Feel free to email the two trip leaders–Cindy Hoover at cyn@zipcon.com or Cheri Solien at csolien@gmail.com  for additional trip details.