Forming Compatible Groups for Trips

Forming Compatible Groups for Trips

We love doing trips and love sharing them with other people. Many, however, have had some experience on a trip where conflict between party members made the trip less enjoyable. Problems like this often come from lack of alignment on trip goals, expectations, or style. Tom will present a free workshop on how to use goals, expectations, and style as a way to think about and discuss the trip, bringing people into alignment, and forming a cohesive, enjoyable team.
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This workshop is free to members! Please RSVP to attend.

Groups tend to get into trouble (e.g. have conflict) when there is a difference in participants' goals, expectations, and style.  I estimate that in 35 years I've done over 70 trips of a week and longer.  Come learn from my mistakes.

This is a workshop.  I'll give some explanation of how to identify goals, expectations, and style and then you'll write them out.  Bring the idea of a trip you are planning or dreaming about.  You'll have time to write out your goals, expectations, and style for that trip.  We'll then discuss to improve understanding.

The next step is discussing goals, expectations, and style with potential trip participants.  At this point, we need to dig into enough detail that we can imagine what it will be like to be on a trip with each other (it is a two way process), identify conflicts, find commonality, and come to a mutual decision about the trip.  

Because this discussion is difficult, we will do a simulation.  We'll pick one trip and have people imagine joining the trip.  We will then look at goals, expectations, and style, practice projecting ourselves forward in time to the actual trip, and identify potential points of conflict.

This workshop is for participants from all activities.  I currently am most active as a sea kayaker but have hiked, climbed, skied, sailed, and more.  Difficulties with group dynamics cross all activities.  

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