Mountaineers Volunteers - How to Schedule a Room

Mountaineers Volunteers - How to Schedule a Room

Instructions for leaders on how to reserve a room at the Seattle Program Center for courses, activities, committee meetings and public events and add an offsite event to the Seattle Branch Calendar.

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME RESERVING A ROOM be SURE TO READ the following INSTRUCTIONS or watch the video thoroughly. This is for Mountaineer Member Reservations Only

Know what you're doing? Get started now: Reserve a Room


Read or watch the video above on to learn what you need to do to schedule a room at the Seattle Program Center for Mountaineers courses, activities, meetings and public events or to add an offsite event to the Seattle Branch calendar.


Step 1 View the Seattle Program Center calendar. Note: If you're already on the Seattle Program Center page, click on "All Events" in the left sidebar. This view includes all events at the Seattle Program Center including public events, private events, committee meetings, courses, and activities.

Step 2 Navigate to your desired event date and check availability. All events confirmed and tentative are included on the calendar.  

Step 3 Choose the blue "+ Add Event" from the top right corner of the calendar page.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 3.08.32 PM.png

Step 4 Enter your event details for all tabs and fields designated with a small red square. 

    Step 5 Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 6 Submit your event for publication. Once the event is submitted for publication you cannot edit it. Please note, we will not confirm your event until you submit it for publication, but it will appear on the calendar.

    Screenshot 2021-03-23 135503.png

    Step 7 Wait for email confirmation that your reservation has been approved. Requests will be reviewed within 3 business days.

    cloning Events

    If you want to schedule multiple versions of the same event you can make it easier by cloning that event. Please follow these instructions:

    Step 1 Click on the event you want to clone from the calendar.

    Step 2 Click on "Actions"  in the yellow admin bar just below the header and choose "Clone."

    Step 3 Complete the fields on the clone form.

    Step 4 Click the "Add Another" button to add another clone. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to add as many clones as needed.

    Step 5 Click the "Clone"  button to create the clones.

    Step 6 Update the newly added events if needed.

    Step 7 Submit the cloned events for publication.

    Add an Offsite Event to the Seattle Branch Calendar

    Read through this page and realize you aren't reserving a room and just want to add a branch to the Seattle Branch calendar page? Learn how to schedule your branch event here.