Seattle Snowshoeing Roster Retention Policy For Leaders and Instructors

Seattle Snowshoeing Roster Retention Policy For Leaders and Instructors

Seattle Snowshoeing Roster Retention Policy For Leaders and Instructors


In order to keep the contents of the Seattle Snowshoeing roster up to date, leaders and instructors may be removed from the committee roster from time to time according to the following criteria.

Reason Inactivity Period

Leader Inactivity

3 years since leading or co-leading a qualifying trip (see below), with additional 1 year grace period
Instructor Inactivity 4 years
Expiration of Mountaineers Membership 2 years

Leaders who have been inactive for more than 3 years but less than 10 years  will be notified via email they they are at risk of losing their leadership status.  If the leader does not lead a trip within 1 year of being notified the leader may be removed from the roster.

Leaders who have been inactive for 10 years or more may be removed without notification or grace period.

This is the policy only for leaders and instructors.  The full roster retention policy is at Seattle Snowshoeing Roster Retention Policy.

Qualifying Trips for Leader Activity

For purposes of retaining leader status, a qualifying trip is defined as a trip that is posted and
led in a manner consistent with a typical Mountaineers snowshoeing trip open to all members
or, in the case of courses, all participants in a course. Such trips are posted with a reasonable
amount of lead time, a reasonably sized registration window, and with a reasonable number of
open spots. Examples of typical qualifying trips are club snowshoeing trips, course field trips,
and trips led as part of a course. Trips that are posted with Leader Permission Required still
count as qualifying trips, provided the permission process applies equally to all members. A trip that must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, illness, road closure, etc. still counts as a qualifying trip, provided the trip was posted in good faith as an open trip as described above.

Most non-qualifying trips are basically private trips that are posted in a way that prevents the
general membership from participating. Examples of non-qualifying trips include trips that are
posted without enough advance notice (i.e. trips whose registration period is open for only a few
minutes, trips that are posted the night before departure or the morning of departure), trips that
are posted with rosters that are already full, etc.