Become a Seattle Branch Sea Kayak Leader

How to become a Sea Kayak trip leader for the Seattle Branch.


Contact our Leadership Chair, Curt Gelotte, to begin the discussion about leading trips for The Mountaineers and obtaining your Sea Kayaking Leader Badge. Our committee requires the following: 

  • Graduation from the Mountaineers Sea Kayaking Course or having been granted the badge via the equivalency process.
  • Having paddled for at least one year after graduation from class or granting of equivalency and completing at least three trips with the Mountaineers.
  • A recommendation from two trip leaders. 
  • Leading two supervised trips, including pre-trip planning, sign ups, leading the trip, dealing with on the water group dynamics, and completing a trip report. Each trip must be done under the watchful eye of a sponsoring leader who is listed as a mentor and each trip must be mentored by a different leader. 
  • Nominees will be evaluated in several areas including but not limited to:
    • Leadership skills
    • People skills
    • Sea kayak paddling and handling skills
    • Judgement
    • Knowledge of potential risks, including those associated with group trips such as weather and currents
    • Trip planning
    • Safety
    • Emergency procedures