Packrafting Equivalency Process

How to get equivalency for the Flatwater Packrafting and Basic Whitewater Packrafting badges.

Flatwater Packrafting Equivalency

to be developed

Basic Whitewater Packrafting Course Equivalency

Contact: Tom Unger

We want to grant equivalency to people with the skills to paddle packrafts in whitewater rivers so you can join paddles with us.  If you think you have the skills, please apply using the following process.  Please review the skills as listed in the club wide Packraft Activity Standards.  Briefly stated, the skills we are looking for are:

  • Safety and rescue skills
    • Able to swim through class II rapids
    • Able to self and assisted rescue back into their packraft in deep water and moderate current.
  • Paddling skills
    • Able to paddle a packraft down class II rapids mostly in control.
    • Able to recognize and avoid river hazards (strainers and keeper holes).
    • Able to choose routes within your ability.

If you are not sure that you have the skills, please ask us.  If there is enough interest, we may put on a "whitewater Packrafting refresher clinic".  

To apply for equivalency, please:

  1. Submit an equivalency application to Tom in the form of an e-mail answering those questions.
  2. Once given approval, register for the equivalency course.  
  3. Attend an equivalency field trip, dressed to be in and out of the water through the day.  We will practice the important skills.  You must be able to reliably perform the critical skills of rescue and boat handling.