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Navigation Northwest : Provides Wilderness Navigation News, Wilderness GPS News, Book Reviews, and a variety of other topics relating to navigation.

Navigation Northwest Spring 2019 Volume 7, Issue 1

Navigation Northwest Spring 2019 Vol 7, Issue 1

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Navigation Northwest Spring 2019 Vol 7, No 1

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Navigation Northwest January 2019 Vol 6, Issue 4

Hiking and Navigating (or not) in Northern Thailand Lynn Graf Costa Brava Trail Slides to Sea – Gaia To Rescue Editor Navigation Summit & Nav 3.0 Seattle Status Report Brian Starlin Navigating with Dogs – A Primer Bruce Crawford Why radios for climbers (and others)? Doug Sanders What is the protocol for emergency signaling by whistle? Editor Navigation Gear, Apps & Links of Interest Pat Podenski (See John Godino’s recently launched AlpineSavvy) (See SmartPhone Failures –Let’s Count the Ways AddYourFailures)

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Navigation Northwest Fall 2018 Vol6, Issue 3

Radios on hikes Navigation 3.0 Revised Heybrook Field Trip Review: Ocean Signal rescueME PLB

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Navigation Northwest Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Navigation Northwest features: Satellite Messenger or Personal Locator Beacon? from Bruce Crawford Green Trail's Hike into the Digital World by GT President Alan Coburn A review of Green Trails' free Digital Map App by navigation instructor Don Sarver Reports of bench test results from tests of 3 compasses (two samples each) by SAR lead navigation guy, Bob Boyd Mountaineers Compass Recommendations for 2018 from clubwide navigation committees Navigation courses, classes, gear, apps and links in Volume 6, Issue 2

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Wilderness Navigation Spring 2018

Summit Explores Modernization Harmonized with Freedom 9 Peter Hendrickson No Need to Iron This Compass, Will Drip Dry Steve Russell Grids, Shapes and Files for Decimal Lat/Long Layers Bruce Crawford Snow Depth Interactive Map on NOAA Website John Godino Anxious About Avalanche? Slope Measurement Options Bruce Crawford

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Navigation Northwest October 2017 Vol 5, Issue 3

Features include GAIA GPS critique, iOS Declination Apps, and Mountaineers Books eLearning National Experience wrap up plus courses, classess, seminars and gear, apps and links of interest to Mountaineers navigators

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Navigation Northwest July 2017 Vol 5, Issue 2

Articles of interest to navigators in the Northwest.

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Navigation Northwest March 2017

Navigation, Rampart Ridge, The Frugal Navigator, CalTopo, SARTopo, Free Altimeter, Free GPS, Compass Recommendations 2017

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Navigation Northwest December 2016

Featured in this issue: Online Wilderness Navigation Course Update (D Canfield), Navigation Implications for Latest Galileo Satellite Launch (B Starlin), Drive to the TH Using Lat/Long Decimal Degrees (J Godino), Bewildered in the Buckhorn Wilderness (H Walker), Navigating by Map, Compass & Priest -- A Dartmoor Tale (P Hendrickson), and Off to Taiwan: Overall Trip Planning...Pretty Minimal (L Graf).

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Navigation Northwest September 2016

In this Issue: GPS Tracks, Wilderness Navigation eLearning, Navigation Clubwide Minimum Standards, Mt Stuart Rescue, Ingalls Peak Rescue, Grams Weight Navigtion Devices, US Topo GeoPDF Filed Conversion to TIFF

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Navigation Northwest April 2016

The online navigation newsletter journal for all Mountaineers.

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Navigation Northwest Vol3 Ish3 September 2015

Features compass recommendations Fall 2016, compass calibration strategies, transition from Basic Navigation to Wilderness Navigation course. Calls for volunteers with Heybrook Ridge Brushout (stewardship) and instructors to enroll in training for the new course.

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Navigation Northwest December 2015 Vol 3, Issue 4

Wilderness Navigation Instructor Training January 13 Paul Thomsen Wilderness Navigation eLearning Aims for February Peter Hendrickson Review: Do cheap altimeters work as navigation tools? Steve McClure Mobile Technology & Outdoor Education JaLynn Montes & Erin Norman Reviews: Anker Battery Pack & iOS Apps Peter Hendrickson Wilderness Navigation Course 2016 Classes Smart Phone and Dedicated GPS 2016 Classes Introduction to Map & Compass 2016 Classes Other Branch Navigation News and Classes Navigation Gear, Apps & Links of Interest Seattle Compass Recommendations for 2016 Seattle Program Center Compass Calibration Station Bob Boyd Seeing struggling navigation students as “sense makers” Kristina Schwartz not “mistake makers”

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