Junior MAC - SPRING - Olympia - 2023

Youth Program


Join us for some fun KAYAKING, running from April-June for Youth ages 12-15

Please read this description in its entirety before registering.

Note: Jr. Mountain Adventure Club (Jr. MAC) membership is $200 in total for the Spring. Participants may register here and pay in full, or may contact beckyn@mountaineers.org to set up a quarterly payment plan. 

We offer financial assistance! To apply for financial assistance click here.

The Jr. MAC Spring Sea Kayak Course provides youth ages 12-15 an opportunity to learn about kayaking, specifically in the Puget Sound. The goal is to understand what kayaking is, understand how tides and currents effect kayaking in the puget sound, learn how to assess risk, self rescue, and the importance of working as a group.

Jr. MAC members will spend three months  working on their skills and kayaking in a variety of fresh and salt water once a month to practice skills learned in monthly meetings. These months include:

APR: We will learn the basics to kayaking, which include getting in and our of the kayak, paddling techniques to maneuver in the water, and what to do when your kayak tips. Our weekday trip will be at Ken Lake and our weekend trip will be practicing these skills in Budd Inlet. 

MAY: We will focus on more paddling techniques that work well in the puget sound and understand more fully how tides and current effect the kayaking experience. Our weekend trip will be help around the Nisqually Delta.

JUN: We will go over all of the learned skills and practice, practice, practice. Our weekend trip will be a FUN weekend kayaking to Hope Island and staying the night on this secluded island together to celebrate graduating the Jr. MAC Sea Kayaking programming!

** Due to the nature and complexity of Sea Kayaking Education, each participant will need to participate and successfully complete the skills required to participate in the overnight trip to Hope Island  **

Jr. MAC will be supported by Mountaineers staff, but parents are encouraged to actively participate and possibly even lead some trips if they feel ready. Staff will provide opportunities for parents to advance their own outdoor skills as well as learn key skills for leading kids safely in the outdoors. This program will focus on skill-building for both youth and adults, and on building an outdoor community.

*Note that while  parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants in the club, there is plenty of flexibility so that youth can participate in a trip even if a parent/guardian can't make it.

Jr. MAC is a club and requires a time commitment and program fee of $200 (which can be paid in installments). In return, members gain a community of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time learning skills together. As families grow through our programs, lifelong friendships are built. When graduates of our teen program come home from college, they meet up with other Mountaineers friends to go hiking, backpacking and climbing. This program is just the beginning.

Note: Youth ages 12-15  register as participants, and therefore pay the registration and program fee. Parents should become a Qualified Youth Leader and then register for the Jr. MAC program as a  Chaperone (there is no fee for this).

Badges you will earn:

Program Requirements

This program has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

All required equipment, with a few exceptions, is available to be borrowed from the Mountaineers. Before each trip, an itinerary/packing list will be distributed to the group that details all necessary gear and information for the trip. 

If families want to bring their own gear, here are some items you may find useful for most trips:

Dry Sack to put inside of kayak

Wool socks

Non-cotton active clothing and insulating layers that will keep kiddos warm if wet

First Aid Kit

Program Materials

There are no materials for this program.