Qualified Youth Leader Training and Resources

Resources for Qualified Youth Leaders

Anyone who volunteers with youth on a regular basis must be a Mountaineers Qualified Youth Leader.  Volunteers and leaders who help with internal Youth Programs (MAC, Explorers, Pathfinders, Summer Camp), Family Programs or Youth Partner Programs (Mountain Workshops, HARK, Salmon Safaris) must be Qualified Youth Leaders.  Volunteers (who are not the leaders) at public events that may include youth do not need to be Qualified Youth Leaders.  Volunteers working as Youth Program Assistants in adult programs with youth participants do not need to be Qualified Youth Leaders. 

Download the full Youth Handbook 

To become a Qualified Youth Leader

  1. Complete the QYL online training content questionnaire.  Each section of this questionnaire references a section of the youth handbook, which it links to.  The links are also below for you to reference at any time.  While the questionnaire only asks a few questions about each section, it is very important that you review the full handbook.  At the end of the questionnaire, you will have to agree to act in accordance with our youth policies as outlined in the handbook.
    1. For those wishing to only volunteer with Mountaineers Adventure Club, complete the MAC online training questionaire.
  2. If you get at least 80% of the questions correct, you will be directed to a Background Check Authorization form.  You must agree to complete a background check in order to become a Qualified Youth Leader.  If you choose not to complete a background check, it will not affect anything about your Mountaineers membership or status, you simply will not be able to become a Qualified Youth Leader.
  3. Once you complete the content questionnaire and the Background Check Authorization form, you will receive an email from SterlingOne or TalentWise, with "pre-employment screening" in the subject line.  This is not SPAM - this is your background check.  It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.
  4. If you pass your background check, you'll be issued a "Qualified Youth Leader" Badge and sent a hard copy of our youth manual for you  to reference at any time.  The badge is good for 3 years, at which time you'll need to renew.

You may download and read the Mountaineers Youth Handbook at any time, which has eight sections: