Alpine Scrambling Course   - Kitsap - 2015

Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course

Contact the course leader, Suzanne Diesen, for details such as schedule and required equipment.

Alpine scrambling is non-technical climbing of ridges, peaks, and mountains. Ropes are not usually required but are brought along only for emergency situations. Glaciers are not part of alpine scrambling. Mountaineer trips are one to several days long. Many of our scrambles are to locations in our own Olympic Mountains. Being a graduate and a member of the Mountaineers grants you the opportunity to sign up for Kitsap scrambles, as well as scrambles sponsored by other Mountaineer branches. No prior experience is required. Every participant needs a good pack, an ice axe, a helmet, the Ten Essential Systems, and a good quality pair of mountaineering boots. Mountaineering boots are not hiking boots. They are not plastic boots either. They provide a sturdy, durable, stable platform on which to travel. They must also be able to accommodate crampons for when hard snow is encountered. Steel crampons are recommended. You learn how to prepare for scrambling. You learn about good equipment choices. We teach you basic navigation and route-finding since much of scrambling occurs off the trails. We also teach you proper rock, snow, and ice skills that apply to alpine scrambling. Finally, we teach you how to take care of the fragile alpine environment. The Alpine Scrambling Course begins in January and finishes in June. There are four classroom sessions and five weekend field trips. Field trips are in both the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Field trips are usually one day with an optional snow camping overnight. Class sessions are 6:00 to 9:00pm, and are held at Kitsap Cabin, 7 miles outside Bremerton, on Seabeck Highway. If you cannot achieve the required summits in one year, an extension may be granted if you are continuing to accumulate mountaineering experience. The cost for Mountaineer members is $150. The cost for non-members is $250. Annual membership in the Mountaineers for an individual is $73. To sign up, call The Mountaineers or register on-line at The class is limited to 20 participants. Registration closes Jan 22, 2014. We pride ourselves on small, personal instructional groups.  For graduation, students must complete a Navigation and Mountaineering First Aid (MOFA) courses that are offered separately by the Mountaineers. 

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Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Alpine Scrambling Course - Kitsap - Class 1
Green Mountain: School Rock
Sat, Apr 1, 2023
Registration closes Mar 30
11 participants
Required Equipment

UIAA Climbing Helmet, Appropriate Mountaineering Boots, 45L Back pack or greater for overnight camping, Ice Ax, Crampons-12 point, Appropriate clothing, Locking pear shaped carabineer, 25 ft of one inch tubular webbing, 8 ft of 6mm perlon, Appropriate Tent, camping stove. Equipment required by first field trip (Conditioner)  Boots, backpack to carry 20 pounds.Second field trip requires webbing, perlon, pear shaped locking carabineer, back pack, boots, helmet, ten essentials.Third field trip requires ice ax, crampons, tent, sleeping bag, stove, cold weather gear plus above equipment for other field trips  and any additional equipment deemed necessary by instructor such as ski poles, snowshoes.

Lecture dates: #1 Jan 22, #2 Feb 5, #3 March 12, #4 April 28

Field Trip Dates: #1 Jan 25, #2 Feb 8, #3 March 21/22, #4 May 10, #5 Jun 13/14

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