Stewardship Credit


Stewardship Credit

This badge represents successful completion of one six-hour day of stewardship through The Mountaineers or an outside organization.

description of skills

Each year, nearly 500 students volunteer on public lands during one of a dozen of our courses with stewardship requirements, contributing over 3,600 hours of volunteer labor on state and federal lands and waterways in Washington State. Students participate in restoration activities, trail work, or historic lookout maintenance with The Mountaineers or another local stewardship organization. Most courses require a full six-hour day of volunteerism to fulfill the stewardship requirement.

what does this badge allow me to do?

The Stewardship Credit badge may be applied towards the stewardship requirement of many of our courses. Check with the volunteer responsible for your course's graduation requirements about submitting your stewardship work for approval.

how do I get this badge?

You may receive the Stewardship Credit badge by participating in any of our full-day (six-hour) stewardship activities, multiple half-day activities within a year, or through a full-day (six-hours) of trail work with The Mountaineers or an outside organization.

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If you've attended multiple half-day stewardship activities with The Mountaineers in the past year, please email with the dates of your participation to receive this badge.

If you attend a work party with another organization, please forward your confirmation email from that organization to after completing your stewardship hours  to receive this badge.

This badge expires after one year. If you complete a stewardship activity six months after you receive the badge, your badge expiration will be extended to one year from the date of the activity you just completed.