Alpine Scrambling Course


Alpine Scrambling Course

This badge represents successful completion of our Alpine Scrambling Course which involves travel on and across low or moderately-exposed snow and rock terrain that does not require rope or protection.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our Alpine Scrambling Course and/or has demonstrated proficiency in these skills:

  • Proper equipment and clothing, including the ten essentials
  • Mountain safety, including identification of hazards such as exposure, rockfall, avalanches, and changing weather; and actions to minimize risk
  • Route finding, including use of topographical maps and compass
  • Travel on steep snow, including step-kicking, plunge stepping, self-belay and self arrest
  • Avalanche awareness and avoidance
  • Rock and off-trail scrambling on non-technical terrain
  • First aid
  • Ice-ax arrest
  • Glissade techniques
  • “Leave no trace” principles 

What does this badge allow me to do?

How do I get this badge?


Complete our Alpine Scrambling Course, which includes completing at least three alpine scrambles, one of which is a snow scramble and another that is a rock scramble.


The Alpine Scrambling Course Badge may be granted to members who have applicable experience and can demonstrate proficiency in the relevant skills. To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact .