Wilderness First Aid Course


Wilderness First Aid Course

This badge represents successful completion of the Wilderness First Aid Course.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our Wilderness First Aid Course and/or has demonstrated proficiency in these skills:

    • Central concepts and skills of wilderness medicine

what does this badge allow me to do?

Fulfill the first aid requirement for many Mountaineers courses and leadership roles.



Complete our Wilderness First Aid Course which consists of an independent WFA certification. The independent WFA certification that comes with course expires after two years, but the Mountaineers offers an additional grace year for the purposes of completing a course or leadership requirement within the Mountaineers organization. For example if you took the course in 2021 and were graduating from Basic Climbing in 2024 your first aid requirement would be up to date since this is within 3 years of when the course was completed.


The Wilderness First Aid Course Badge may be granted to members who have applicable experience and can demonstrate proficiency in the relevant skills. Equivalency candidates may be required to complete a skills review session in order to demonstrate their proficiency.  To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact .