Wilderness Navigation Field Trip Area Workparty

Wilderness Navigation Field Trip Area Workparty

Wilderness Navigation Field Trip Area Workparty
9 ( 12 capacity)


Several of us are going out to the field trip site this Saturday to get everything in good shape for our field trips.  The tentative plan is to meet at the first gate at 9:00 AM and stay until mid-afternoon. 

You don't have to bring any special gear, but if you have any clippers, saws or other type tools, those would be helpful.  A pair of gardening gloves and eye protection are always a good idea.

Here are my main goals:

  • Pull or trim as many of the small alder trees along the roads and trails as possible.
  • Trim branches on any trees that block the views in our compass practice area.
  • Remove any trees that have fallen over the roads, (up by waypoint #28 there were several last spring),
  • Walk the GPS and leap-frog routes and clear any big stuff across them.
  • Pull and/or whack some of the brush near the creek on the leap-frog route.
  • Walk the bike trail and clear significant brush along it.
  • Fix any of the metal compass practice area signs that are messed up, (I will bring supplies specific for that).

Here is gear we need.  The Petersons and I have most of this stuff, but if you have any of these please bring them along

  • large and medium sized clippers / loppers
  • gardening saws
  • gas/battery powered chain saw
  • gas/battery powered weed whacker.
  • hauling strap / rope (to pull trees using a vehicle)

If you would like to join us, please sign-up.

Raging River
First Gate just off SR-18