Trail Running Potluck and Celebration!!

Trail Running Potluck and Celebration!!

In an exciting rendition of our January meeting (though it may be a little more food, drinks, and games than meeting...), we're going to be rocking another potluck! See below for the menu and general plan and please feel free to ping me, jump on Facebook, or throw it into the email chain, your exciting ideas or what you might like to bring! Come join us in discussing, organizing, and creating the cutting edge of trail running in the Mountaineers, along with some fantastic food, drinks, and company. Come help us help others (and ourselves) see a little more nature and wilderness a little bit faster!

I imagine the following agenda will be fairly loosely adhered to as my focus is really to celebrate all you find people, all we've accomplished, and have some excellent food and drink! However, I know that we're all passionate about this crazy sport, so I imagine some of the following may come up...


Past Events

  • Just a simple celebration of everything we've accomplish!

Future events

  • Winter running course
  • Introduction to Backcountry Trail Running
  • Introduction to Frontcountry Trail Running
  • Conditioning Trail Running Series

Meany Lodge - running weekend

  • Summary
  • Schedule


Drinks -
  • Hot spiced cider/mulled wine
  • Hot coffee/cocoa drinks
  • Something with gin (we have a lot of gin)
Food - (potential to change)
  • Venison pumpkin chili
  • Vegan pumpkin (this could also be a squash; just want to set expectations) chili
  • Spiced rice
  • Cheese + crackers,
  • Garlic roasted vegetables
  • Chips + salsa

Beware, I also might work in a game! Just FYI... ;) High stoke!


P.S. With great sadness I will state that there will not be a pooch here (unless we can acquire one before the event; not completely out of the question...). However, I would be open to this being a dog friendly event! This'll be a dog, kid, spouse-friendly event: bring whomever you like and then food for you both! :D