Trail Running Committee Meeting

Trail Running Committee Meeting

Reason people should attend: because trail running is awesome. In all seriousness, three cheers for our February addition of the Mountaineers Trail Running Committee Meeting! Come join us in discussing, organizing, and creating the cutting edge of trail running in the Mountaineers, along with some fantastic food, drinks, and company. Come help us help others (and ourselves) see a little more nature and wilderness a little bit faster!



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Quick note, per the usual: you're more than welcome to purchase whatever you'd like to eat or drink. However, if possible, I ask that you show a little early (I've the reservation starting at 6:30pm) to do this so that we can attempt to be as efficient with time as possible. (It may be a pipe dream, but I will really be endeavoring to keep these meetings to our hour and a half timeline. I know it's been extended slightly, but I want to be realistic-we've much to talk about! However, completely understandable if you need to leave part way through.)

A lovely evening filled with food, drinks, and trail running-we hope to see you there!