Becoming a Snowshoe Trip Leader

Becoming a Snowshoe Trip Leader

Learn about becoming a snowshoe trip leader and find leadership resources

The look on people's faces when you get them outside and show them places they've never seen is often cited as one of the best rewards for our volunteers. If you are interested in contributing to the mission of The Mountaineers by organizing and leading snowshoe trips, you are in the right place!


Before you can sign up to lead a Mountaineers snowshoe trip, you must be on the leadership roster and have been awarded a snowshoe leader badge. Leadership qualities, group and individual safety, experience, and level-headed decision-making are four major components to successful leadership. Therefore, we have minimum requirements for those interested in becoming a volunteer trip leader (see below).

For the level you would like to lead, if your experience appears close to (or exceeds) these guidelines, please email the committee.

Note: Depending on the season and volunteer availability, the review process may take weeks to complete. All applications are subject to Snowshoe Committee approval. The Committee reserves the right to hold or reject any application for any reason.