Become a Foothills Climbing Leader

Become a Foothills Climbing Leader

Ready to start taking novice or your peers on climbs? Read on!

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New Climbing Leaders

Climbing Leadership in the Mountaineers is broken into two categories: Frontcountry Leaders and Backcountry Leaders. Detailed information can be found here:

Foothills Leader Application Process

  1. Volunteer for leadership roles on trips that are pertinent to the badge you are applying for, such as being a rope lead for Rock Climbs, being a rope lead for Glacier Climbs, volunteering as an instructor for a sport/crag climb, etc. Do not complete any mentored leads of climbs.
  2. Submit your Leader Application. This will provide notification to the Climbing Committee that you are interested and ready to become a leader. 
  3. Upon review and acceptance from the Climbing Committee, complete the necessary number of mentored leads with different approved Foothills Climbing Mentors. You and your mentor shall complete and submit a Mentored Lead Evaluation Form after every mentored lead you do. NOTE: Mentored leads done prior to acceptance of application will not count towards the mentored lead requirement for the climbing leader role you are applying for
  4. Mentored leads should occur within the same climbing season, but must be completed within two consecutive climbing seasons.
  5. Send an email to the Climbing Committee stating that your mentored leads are complete.
  6. The Climbing Committee will review your Mentored Lead Evaluation Form, contact participants on your climbs,  obtain feedback from the general Foothills Climb Leader Roster, and either approve you for your Leader Badge or provide feedback/additional guidance.

Leader badge caveats

  • Climbing Leaders who wish to mentor new leaders must be approved by the Climbing Committee.
  • All Leaders must lead at least 1 activity or climb every 3 years. Leader badges will expire 3 years after award or last activity/climb. 
  • Leaders for any climbing activity (field trip, lecture, seminar, practice, trip, etc) that includes basic students must attend an Instructor Review once every 3 years.


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