The files and documents to describe Foothills Trail Running with the Mountaineers.

Introduction to Trail Running Presenation

So you're interested in getting feet to trail at a little faster pace? This lovely presentation should tell you a little more about doing this with the Mountaineers.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation icon Trail Running Intro.pptx — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 6.73 MB

Trail Runner Responsibility

What we, the volunteers of the Mountaineers, expect from you, the runner: before, during, and after a trail run.

Microsoft Word Document icon Trail Runner Responsibility II.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 17 KB

Trail Running Ten Essentials

A modified version of the Ten Essentials specific to trail running.

Microsoft Word Document icon Trail Running Ten Essentials III.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 22 KB

Introduction to Backcountry Trail Running course presentation

Presentation used for the introduction to backcountry trail running course

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation icon Intro to Backcountry Trail Running Class Presentation.pptx — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 34.89 MB