Erik Jensen

Foothills Branch Treasurer

Erik joined The Mountaineers in 2022 to find a community of outdoor enthusiasts and to build his outdoor skills. As an outdoor enthusiast, Erik looks for ways to spend time outdoors and give back to the outdoor community. Currently his outdoor activities mostly include day hikes and alpine skiing with plans to get into alpine scrambling and backpacking. Besides volunteering with The Mountaineers he also volunteers with Washington Trails Association (WTA) and the Snoqualmie Pass Volunteer Ski Patrol. Erik views the Foothills Branch Treasurer role as a way to get more involved with The Mountaineers while utilizing the skills he acquired over his career in corporate finance. The Treasurer role is also a great way for individuals to get some experience with accounting and finance without needing extensive experience in those fields. If you’re interested in learning more about the Treasury role or taking on a more significant role within Treasury, feel free to reach out to Erik.