Danielle Graham

Foothills Branch Safety Officer

Danielle Graham joined The Mountaineers in 2016. She enjoys being outside with the club in almost every activity. Danielle currently serves as Foothills’ Safety Officer and is leading the Foothills’ Women’s Scramble Course. Past leadership roles include co-leading the Intro to the Natural World Course, serving as an at-large member of Foothills Branch Council, and chairing the Foothills Cross Country Ski committee.

Danielle has a professional background in non-profits focused on natural resources and outdoor recreation, including the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Appalachian Mountain Club. Her past volunteer experiences include serving as a Master Docent at the Issaquah Fish Hatchery and a Board Member for the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition, the Green Mountain Athletic Association, the Vermont Public Radio Community Association, and the Grand Ridge Elementary PTSA in Issaquah.