Trips that involve roped climbing on rock, ice and snow.

Alpine Climbing

Basic Alpine Climbing

Basic Rock Climb - alpine rock climbs up to 5.4 and three pitches or less.
Basic Alpine Climb - alpine climbs of rock up to 4th class and/or snow up to 30 degrees.
Basic Glacier Climb - alpine glacier climbs on snow and/or ice up to 30 degrees.


In addition to the Rock, Alpine and Glacier difficulties, basic climbs have a Technical and Strenuous rating. For both, the scale is from 1 to 5, with 1 being easiest and 5 hardest. The Technical rating refers to difficulty of climbing moves and exposure. The Strenuousness rating
refers to the level of conditioning required, both aerobic and strength.


Glacier Climbing

Basic Glacier Climbs with no rock climbing and minimal to no rock scrambling.


Intermediate Alpine Climbing

Intermediate Rock Climb - alpine rock climbs from 5.5 on and more than three pitches.
Intermediate Mountaineering Climb - alpine climb (often a basic climb done in winter).
Intermediate Ice Climb - alpine ice climb on 40 degree or greater glacier ice.


Choose a trip with a mileage and elevation gain and technical rating that suits your fitness and ability. Leaders often list pace by "distance" speed like 2.5 miles per hour or by "elevation" speed eg. 1000 feet per hour.

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Rock Climbing

Crag Rock Climbing

Crag Rock Climb - rock climbs "close to the road" of any difficulty or length.



For single pitch rock climbing outings where all participants are comfortable belaying and instructors are comfortable leading on rock whether bolts or gear.


Indoor/outdoor wall Climbing

Rock Climbs on an indoor or outdoor climbing wall at one of our program or outdoor centers or at a local climbing gym. These are for beginners only and have no prerequisites.

Advanced Climbing


Aid Climbing

Aid Climb - climbs that involve aid techniques like clipping directly into gear and jugging up fixed lines.


Water Ice Climbing

Water Ice Climb - waterfall ice and mixed climbs with a Water Ice or Mixed climb rating.

Are you an experienced climber and want information about equivalency in order to join these trips? Contact the Member Services Team at and we will connect you with an equivalency coordinator.

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