Aid & Big Wall Climbing Course


Aid & Big Wall Climbing Course

This badge is for those participating in our Aid & Big Wall Climbing Seminar.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge is participating in our Aid & Big Wall Climbing Seminar and is developing proficiency in these skills:

  • Leading "on aid"
  • Jugging & Cleaning
  • Seconding traverses
  • Seconding pendulums
  • Hauling
  • Swinging leads on moderate, multi-pitch aid climbs
  • Placing pitons and copperheads
  • Using sky hooks and cam hooks
  • Wall camping
  • Solo aid climbing

What does this badge allow me to do?

  • Those who hold this badge can participate in Aid and Big Wall climbs. Learn more about these kinds of trips in the activity overview or search for upcoming activities
  • Teach at Aid & Big Wall courses, clinics and seminars
  • Participate in the annual outings like our Yosemite trip
  • Members are encouraged to continue participating in the course after their first year to expand and refine their skills.

How do I get this badge?


Enroll in and continue successful participation in our Aid & Big Wall Climbing Course.


The Aid & Big Wall Climbing Course Badge may be granted to members who have relevant experience and can demonstrate proficiency in most the above skills. Those with equivalency will help us teach new students while learning more advanced techniques and refining basic techniques. To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact .