Urban Walks & Adventures

Urban Walks & Adventures

Urban adventures are trips that happen at in-town locations like city parks, boulevards, hidden staircases and other unique locations.

Urban Walk

Urban walks are outings of two miles or longer that take place on city or suburban streets, parks or greenbelts, where there is consistent cell phone service and nearby emergency access and egress points.

Urban Walks use the same difficulty guidelines as our Day Hiking and Backpacking trips.

  • Casual: Up to 4 miles and up to 600 feet of elevation gain round trip
  • Easy: Up to 8 miles and up to 1,200 feet of elevation gain round trip
  • Moderate: Up to 12 miles and up to 2,500 feet of elevation gain round trip
  • Strenuous: Up to 14 miles and up to 3,500 feet of elevation gain round trip
  • Very Strenuous: Over 14 miles or over 3,500 feet of elevation gain round trip

The overall difficulty rating for a trip or route is the lowest rating that satisfies both the distance and elevation gain criteria. For example, a trip with 11 miles of distance and 1,000 feet of elevation gain is a Moderate trip.

Leaders often list pace by "distance" speed, such as 1.5 miles per hour. Many Urban Walks are rated as Easy or Moderate and done at a slower pace.

Urban Adventure

Urban adventures are outings in a city or suburban location that are shorter than two miles or don't otherwise fit the criteria of Urban Walks. Urban Adventures may also involve an Exploring Nature and/or Photography component.

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