Basic Alpine Climbing Course


Basic Alpine Climbing Course

This badge represents successful completion of our Basic Alpine Climbing Course.

description of skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our Basic Alpine Climbing Course, and has demonstrated proficiency in the following skills:

  • The Climbing Code 
  • Equipment and clothing selection, including the ten essential systems 
  • Mountain safety, including identification of hazards such as exposure, rockfall, avalanches, and changing weather; and actions to minimize risk 
  • Use of topographical maps and compass 
  • Rock climbing, including travel on class 2-3 routes, following class 4 and low 5th class routes, and cleaning protection 
  • Snow travel, including step-kicking, plunge stepping, self-belay and self arrest, and crampon use 
  • Snow camping 
  • Climbing knots and hitches and their application
  • Belayed climbing techniques, including construction of simple belay anchors, belaying with a device, belaying with a Münter Hitch, verbal belay commands, and belay tie-off and escape using friction knots 
  • Rappelling using a device and rappelling using a carabiner brake system, including self-belay using an autoblock or prusik knot. 
  • Construction of snow anchors, including using pickets, deadman anchors, and snow bollards
  • Quick belays on snow, such as the carabiner-ice ax belay or boot-ax belay
  • Travel in rope teams on glaciers, including routefinding, team self-arrest, and running belays 
  • through snow anchors 
  • Crevasse rescue techniques, including self-rescue using a friction knot system, direct pull, a 2:1 (single-) pulley system, and a 3:1 (z-) pulley system 
  • Mountaineering Oriented First Aid (Graduation from a MOFA course or equivalency) 
  • “Leave no trace” principles 
  • Emergency preparedness (including emergency bivouacs and how to summon help should it be needed)

what does this badge allow me to do?



Complete our Basic Alpine Climbing Course, Basic Navigation Course and Wilderness First Aid Course. Basic Climbing Course graduates must demonstrate competence in the course contents, have adequate physical conditioning for alpine climbing, and satisfactorily complete at least two basic climbs, including one Basic Rock and one Basic Glacier.


The Basic Alpine Climbing Course Badge is also granted to members who have experience climbing and can demonstrate proficiency in the above skills.  To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact .

Members who already have rock climbing experience may complete the Glacier Travel Course and then apply for Basic Alpine Climbing Equivalency.