Global Adventures

Global Adventures

Trips beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Global Adventures are any Mountaineers trips offered outside of North America and Hawaii, as well as any trips within North America where leaders are committing significant participant funds to book lodgings, transport, food, support staff and other services.  If you are planning such a trip and want to find out for sure if your trip should be defined as a Global Adventure, contact chair Cindy Hoover at

Previous Global Adventure trips have gone to places including Nepal, Bhutan, Patagonia, Peru, the British Isles, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, the Rockies, and many more. Most recent trips have focused on trekking or skiing, but offerings can include any adventure that is supported by a Mountaineers activity committee.  We build on the capabilities of our Mountaineers members to offer active, unique adventures that commercial groups often cannot, and at a great value.

Difficulty and the pace of the trip will vary greatly depending on the activity type, destination and participants on the trip. Global Adventures trip applicants complete an application including their experience in the activity and some medical information to ensure that they have the appropriate skills and fitness level for the requirements of the trip.

Are you an experienced Mountaineers activity leader who wants to take your leadership to the next level?  Do you love trip planning and international group adventure travel and might be interested in leading Global Adventures?  Find out about the requirements and steps and who to contact by clicking here, or complete and submit an online Global Adventures Leader application.

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